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How DocuWare eForms and Workflow can help your business during COVID-19?

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How DocuWare eForms and Workflow can help your business during COVID-19?

Online forms save time for administrative staff, improve accuracy and open up new possibilities including sharing data with other business software and using forms to initiate the automated workflow. Built-in logic ensures all form fields are filled out correctly before the user clicks submit. In addition, outsourcing data entry to each person who fills out a form significantly reduces errors and eliminates time spent deciphering messy handwriting or tracking down missing information.

With DocuWare Forms you can create flexible web-based forms without any programming effort. Use text fields, check boxes, dropdowns, calendar entries, file uploads and much more for precise and secure information capture. Decide which fields are mandatory. When you’re done, copy the system-generated URL and share it with whoever you want around the world. All forms are secure and automatically optimized for mobile devices.

You have design control over positioning, lettering and much more – all via a convenient drag and drop interface. Neither programming nor IT support is required!

In order to exploit the full potential of office automation, combine form management with DocuWare workflows: A newly completed form then triggers one or more processes.

Here are two examples:


For procurement, a form is filled out with information such as the article, supplier, quantity and amount so that an order is generated and archived in DocuWare. The order then transparently goes through all instances from approval to order to payment. In addition to the delivery note and invoice, an order document is always assigned to the process.

Hiring new employees (On-boarding)

Many departments need the new colleague’s data: Purchasing orders office equipment and company cars, the IT department sets up an email address and network access, and payroll accounting requires bank details and an insurance number, among other things. Instead of letting the new employee fill out many individual forms, a single web form is used. The information is automatically used to create the tasks for each department.

Benefits of Automated Workflow

CoreForm customers use eForms to resolve information challenges and take advantage of the benefits of automated workflow. Your team will no longer waste time bringing paper documents from desk to desk. Digital signature capabilities make online forms even more useful providing a contactless way to get forms completed. By combining electronic forms with digital workflows, you can launch follow up tasks, escalations and alerts based on form completion. Uses for electronic forms are as varied as your business needs. If increased profitability and improved productivity are your goals, then eforms are for you!

Office Capacity Compliance

There are current public health directions restricting business operations in some industries in Australia. It may be challenging to follow National COVID-19 safe workplace principles to adjust physical distancing rules.

DocuWare clients easily overcome the challenges posed by COVID-19 and comply with the new regulations.



  • Hard to track employees in medium sized companies
  • Hard to track people in decentralised departments with different offices.
  • Minimising the number of people within an area at any time.
  • Splitting and tracking workers’ shifts to reduce the number of workers onsite


With DocuWare you can put processes in place to regularly monitor and review the implementation of physical distancing measures to ensure they are being followed and remain effective. 

You can create a DocuWare check-in form in seconds and access it from mobile devices. Employees scan a QR code, posted at the entrance of the building, with their smartphone and a questionnaire opens on their mobile device. DocuWare workflow kicks in and sends the employee and their manager a status notification. The questionnaire is also archived in DocuWare to prove compliance. 

This eform and workflow are easily customizable. For example, some companies require a temperature check at the entrance to the office or create an additional form for visitors.

CDC Screening

Contact tracing is the key to contain the spread of COVID-19!

Contact tracing is a valuable tool for containing the spread of COVID-19 so the economy can reopen safely. There’s an urgent need for a flexible, secure way to screen employees and determine the health status of any person entering an office or business. Requirements vary by state but ultimately, it’s each business’s responsibility to provide a safe workplace.

In response to customer needs for new ways to address the challenges of phased reopening, DocuWare clients started to use an internal eform as a jumping off point to create a customizable eform and workflow solution. This enables organizations to meet exposure-notification obligations, comply with privacy regulations and limit risk. Current DocuWare customers can add the eform and workflow to their existing systems. With DocuWare Cloud, new customers can take advantage of this functionality and get it up and running in a few days.

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