Workflow Software Solutions

                                                Manage all manual bussiness processes

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Save money and time across every area of your business

Up to 50% FTE head count reduction in document processing needs from current state


Return on investment within 12 months


Document Management

Drowning in documents? Up against the challenge of organising and storing documents – both print and digital? Need to give your team an easy way to find information? An integrated Document Management Software solution is the answer.

CoreForm’s Document Management Solutions help you and your team find what you need, when you need it.

Accounts Payable Automation

Accounts Payable Automation

Invoice automation allows your accounts payable team to process and approve invoices more efficiently.​

Whatever form your invoices arrive, our Accounts Payable Automation solution integrates with your existing approval process and uses machine learning technology to save you time and frustration.

Accounts Payable Automation invoices
Save money in piggie bank

Reduce the number of hours staff spend processing invoices

Invoice onboarding

Simplify onboarding for suppliers and different invoice types​

Invoice Approval

Speed up your invoice approval process​

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data storage

Unlock the more than 80% of information that is trapped in unstructured content

Reduce costs of manual indexing and filing

Document workflows

Improve document workflows and distribution

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Data Capture

Help your business run more efficiently with Advanced Document Capture and Data Extraction solutions. Data that is valuable to your business is trapped in your documents – data that can inform business intelligence, impact security and increase efficiency. CoreForm’s Document Management Software captures your documents and turns them into machine readable, indexed files – all with minimal human intervention – improving your document capture workflows and increasing searchability.

Mobile phone printing

Mobile Print & Cost Recovery

With more and more of us working from mobile devices, the demand for printing securely from wherever you are is increasing. Whether it’s printing a document in the office while working from home, or from the other side of the world, CoreForm’s Mobile Print can make it happen.

Increase the efficiency of your print network with our Cost Recovery solutions too. Take control with the ability to route large jobs to high-volume printers, delete duplicate jobs and discourage unnecessary printing with employee engagement communications. Make your print network work for you, not the other way around.

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clipboard and stopwatch

Maximise BYOD policies and empower users with increased productivity

filtering and control features

Reduce costs across your print network with control features

Modernise your workforce with flexible print and document sharing options

Office multifunction printer
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Devices independently assessed for reliability

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Commercial grade printers for amazing colour quality and consistency

Technical support staff

Nationwide service and support


Printers & Multifunctions

CoreForm partners with all the leading printing solution vendors to find the most suitable and reliable commercial print option for your business. With our vendor agnostic approach, we’ll find the best cost-effective device for your needs. Combined with our document management expertise, we’ll reduce your print costs and shift you towards a paperless, modernised office.

We’ll save you money and increase productivity