Document Scanning and Indexing Software

Document management in the digital age

The Challenge

Drowning in Documents

If your business is drowning in paper, you’re not alone. Studies in recent years show the volume of paper in companies increases more than 20% per annum as they grow. And this volume of information is taking up valuable employee time, with professionals spending 5% to 15% of their time reading information and up to 50% of their time looking for it.

That translates to up to 20 hours every week for each full-time head count. Imagine how much more your business could do if you freed up those hours?

Your business could losing


Labour-intensive document management processes waste precious hours


A typical business spends $20 in labour to file a document, $120 to find a misfiled document and $220 to reproduce a lost document


7.5% of all documents get lost and 3% of the remainder get misfiled

The Solution

Seamless Document Management

CoreForm helps you take control of your documents with a tangible ROI delivered in less than 12 months. Our document management and indexing software, plus leading vendor hardware solutions, integrates with your current systems and processes to give you a seamless document management solution.

We remap your document management process to modernise and digitise your files. Then sort you out with storage and security, as well as easy retrieval and archiving. So, you can find what you need, when you need it.

Your business will gain


Streamlined and intuitive document capture (paper and digital), filing, storage, retrieval and archiving


Reduction in human error and time spent searching for or reproducing information

Cost Benefits

Free up your team to work on revenue-producing activities

How does it work?

Bringing together document capture tools, electronic filing, security, workflow processes and reporting. CoreForm’s Document Management and Indexing Solutions help you harness your information for better decision making.

Document Management Solutions

Choose from our suite of capabilities to best suit your business needs.

Document scanning

1. Capture

Scanning document to pick out key information before digitising it

Files and documents

2. Document Management

An electronic filing cabinet to manage and control all your documents in a secure and central location

Workflow diagram of files and folders

3. Workflow

Customising the most efficient method for document routing based on your business needs

Report document

4. Reporting

Instantly create and distribute reports giving a visual of ‘live’ data

What's included?

After taking the time to understand your business and its needs, we identify your perfect solution.

Drawing from a range of best-of-breed technology vendors, we design a Document Management Solution to improve your business’ productivity and document processing. Your new Document Management Solution will be underpinned by these five basic components:

How is it implemented?

We begin with an in-depth analysis of your current documents and information policy – a ‘getting to know your business’ meeting and deep dives into your digital and hardcopy document world.

We then propose your new Document Management Solution, underpinned by the latest document management and indexing software and hardware from leading vendors. We’ll recommend the perfect solution for your business from a suite of leading vendors and software providers.

Magnifying glass inspecting a heart beat rhythm

1. Solution scope and proposal

Document Management Solution scope proposed based on representative data from your business

Screwdriver and spanner tools

2. New solution built and tested

Your customised solution will then be built and tested, with training provided to your team as needed

Customisation filter settings

3. Review and customisation

Regular measurement against agreed metrics provides objective and meaningful performance results and identifies opportunities for further improvements

return on investment growth chart

4. ROI

The performance of the new solution will be objectively measured on documents per person per hour for full visibility of ROI

When will I see ROI?

return on investment growth chart

With CoreForm’s Document Management Solutions, expect to see an ROI in less than 12 months. We remove your business bottlenecks and reduce costs associated with manual overheads and data entry across multiple systems. All providing you with a tangible ROI as quickly as possible.

Just how much time could you save?

Here’s an example of the real difference a Document Management Solution from CoreForm can make.

Bob’s Boulders receives 20,000 documents in their accounts receivable department every day. Processing involves three people preparing documents, two people scanning, 18 people entering data into the system and one supervisor.

Current State

staff processing 20,000 documents
documents per person per hour*

* Based on 7.5 hour working day

documents per person per day

Under CoreForm's Document Management Solution

staff to process 22,500 documents
documents per person per hour*

* Based on 7.5 hour working day

documents per person per day

The result?

Ready to take control of your documents?

Book a consultation to find out how your organisation can better manage documents to save time and money as well as increase efficiency.