Enterprise Content Capture and Data Discovery Platform

Turn your data into assets

Where are we now?

The rise of data, content and document volume is unprecedented. This widespread growth makes managing all your company’s information nearly impossible, as 80% to 90% of it is unstructured data. With analysts predicting an even faster, 10-fold growth rate of data over the next 5 years, the global datasphere will be hard to manage.

The Challenge

Inefficient capture processes affect organisations at every level. If you’re using traditional or incomplete capture-and-extract technology, you can’t access the valuable information hidden within unstructured data. Let’s face it: customers are used to fast, seamless e-commerce experiences and don’t have the patience to wait. The data hidden in your mainframe silos isn’t their problem; it’s yours.

The Solution

Automate data capture to spearhead digital transformation and take control of your content.


Cloud, hybrid or on-premise

Operating Platform

Windows or Linux

Easy Integrations

Web Services OpenAPIs into any system


Advanced reporting
Cloud HyperExtender
Ephesoft 4Invoice

Invoice onboarding

Innovation at your fingertips

Ephesoft Transact is an enterprise content capture and data discovery platform, suited to hybrid or on-premises environments. Rather than typing in data and routing it via paper or email, Ephesoft captures and digitises the content from the start, initiating the digital transformation process.

Next, using the power of supervised machine learning, Ephesoft automatically identifies the document type, extracts key information and delivers it directly to any type of repository or workflow.

How it's done

Watch a demonstration of Ephesoft and UIpath RPA application for Accounts Payable Automation.

Processing invoices can be a manually intensive and tedious process for many organisations. There can be a high rate of human errors from data entry, which require follow up calls and delayed payments. Without automation, invoices can get lost and sit in an inbox too long, missing early payment discount deadlines or potential rebates.

Now that your data is an asset, what's next?

As the first step of digital transformation – making meaning out of unstructured data – Ephesoft can be bundled with new and existing products, from RPA tools to workflow platforms, ECM, ERP or other repositories using Web Services OpenAPIs. This allows you to have best-of-breed solutions to meet your unique requirements and deliver a faster time-to-value.

Workflow diagram of files and folders

The results?

Reduce overall processing times by up to

0 %

Average labour cost savings of

30- 0 %

Cut document prep time by

0 %

Cut indexing efforts by

0 %

Ability to find 99.9% of documents

0 %

Document throughput accuracy rate of up to

0 %

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