Accounts Payable Automation

Save time, money and frustration

accounts payable automation

Invoice automation allows your accounts payable team to process and approve invoices more efficiently.

Whatever form your invoices arrive, our Accounts Payable Automation solution integrates with your existing approval process and uses machine learning technology to save you time and frustration.

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Why automate your accounts payable?

Increase availability and reduce maintenance costs

Streamlines your accounts payable

Process invoices with maximum speed and accuracy while minimising any unnecessary involvement from your accounts payable team.

  • Uses machine learning to ingest multiple invoice types
  • Reduces employee touch points and human error
  • Takes advantage of unstructured data
Save money in piggie bank

Saves you time and money

The average cost to manually process an invoice is $22.75. The average time it takes to process an invoice is 16.3 days. This ends up costing your business in the form of labour, late fees, and printed paper cost.

An accounts payable automation solution reduces the number of hours staff spend processing invoices.

  • Reduce the cost of processing an invoice
  • Significant cost savings in the long run
  • Never lose an invoice again
  • Eliminate human error
  • Streamline accurate approval process
Invoice onboarding

Simplifies onboarding for suppliers and different invoice types

An accounts payable automation solution uses the latest in machine learning technology to reduce the effort of onboarding new suppliers and working with different invoice formats.

  • Spot supplier issues early
  • Reduce invoice processing time
  • Increase your on-time payment discounts for suppliers
Invoice Approval

Speeds up your invoice approval process

Save your accounts payable department time and empower them with actionable real-time data. Avoid all the bottlenecks, miscommunication and frustration of a manual approval process.

  • Get daily metrics that matter to each user
  • Increase employee ownership of a process
  • Maximise process compliance
  • Implement measurable workflow escalation and approval processes

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