Print Management Solutions

Reduce costs + increase productivity

What is a Managed Print Service?

Know how many printers and copiers your business owns? How your employees are using them? Or how much they cost you?

No? You need a customised print management solution from CoreForm’s Managed Print Service – one that will save you money and increase your business’ productivity.

We start by understanding your business needs, including functional requirements, device and user service availability and current baseline print costs. Then we develop a bespoke roadmap for your business and roll-out your new printer and copier fleet. The roadmap takes into consideration ongoing consumables (ink, paper etc) and repairs, maintenance service and support – meaning your business has all the print and copy services you need, with the ability to scale up or down on demand.

All at a low flat price per page.

Girl with document at printer copier

Learn more about our solution partner Kyocera for cost-effective and scalable print solutions.

What's in it for you?

Printer fleets

Custom designed printer and copier fleet

All the printers and copiers your business needs, where you need them, and with ongoing maintenance and support provided by our team of technical experts

Save money in piggie bank

Significantly reduce costs

Rationalising your fleet to what you need reduces operating costs – saving up to 30 per cent annually

Increase availability and reduce maintenance costs

Increase availability

Automated supply replenishment, remote device management and regular maintenance – keeping everything working just how you need it


Visibility and control

Electronic monitoring 24/7 measures device and consumable usage and offers troubleshooting to ensure minimal disruptions

technical support

Easy to use

It is estimated that one in four help desk calls are printer related – we give you problem-free print and copy services and support when you need it


Environmentally friendly

Draw on our technology and user behaviour expertise to reduce print and copy page volumes

How does it work?

Once we know what printers and copiers your business needs, we roll-out your custom designed fleet and continue to be on hand to maintain, repair and support your unique print management solution.

Plus, with remote device monitoring and management tools, we poll devices and collect usage information, device status reports and incident alerts. This information is shared back to you via detailed usage reports with fleet analysis to continually improve your cost savings and productivity potential.

Our monthly usage-based invoicing, perfectly-timed delivery of consumables and proactive incident resolution or service call scheduling adds to our in-depth analysis and keeps us driving improvements for your business.

What's included?

Printer fleets

Print and copy devices

We supply the most suitable print and copy devices for your business needs from leading providers like Kyocera and Ecosys, among others.

Learn more about our partnership with Kyocera.

Ink and consumables


Automated delivery of consumables as required based on remote monitoring.

Screwdriver and spanner tools

Support and maintenance

Ongoing maintenance schedules and repairs as required.

technical support addressing multiple errors

Single point of contact

A single point of contact for technical and user support, with local support available from 8am to 8pm and remote or call out assistance provided when needed.

How is it implemented?

First up, we apply our unique modular framework to your business to identify current printer and copier needs.

We then compile your unique print management solution roadmap – making recommendations for the best copy and print devices for your business. We don’t favour any particular brand, we only care about what your needs are and will recommend the right approach for you from a suite of leading vendors.

Clipboard and checkboxes, auditing

1. Audit & Analysis

Electronic and physical audit of your print and copy devices to assess your current costs. Plus, user interviews to understand your business needs.

Printer fleets

2. Fleet Recommendation & Deployment

 Custom roadmap for the best print and copy fleet for your needs, balancing savings against productivity. We mix and match technology to suit your organisation and minimise environmental impact.


3. Monitoring & Management

Ongoing remote monitoring and management to ensure agreed service level agreements are met, as well as automated supplies deliveries.

Reducing costs using swipe card

4. Print Less Solutions

Cost control and security measures, such as employee card authentication and cost-centre coding.

Improve workflows

5. Productivity Improvement Solutions

Implement electronic document workflows to better capture and distribute information.

Print Less. Do more.

Draw on our measurement and technology tools to reduce your total number of print and copy pages. Set duplex and multi-up printing as default. Enforce print preference settings. Deploy virtual drivers and software such as cost-recovery solutions.

With Multi-Function Printers and Devices, we improve employee productivity with best-in-class document distribution and data entry tools for manual and repetitive tasks.

Ready to take control of your print solutions?

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