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Swegelok (UK)-Fluid Integration

Customer focus, continuous improvement and innovation are just some of the core company values that have helped Swagelok Manchester to become a leading provider of fluid system solutions to customers in the North-West of England for 35 years.

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Swagelok Manchester is enjoying a significantly increased productivity through the use of its DMS, and paper has been radically reduced: 70 per cent of the approximately 100 invoices generated per day are now sent electronically by email. Also, the majority of monthly invoices going to 700 established customers are now emailed. Only 270 of them receive their monthly statement by mail. Another positive is that with the help of Crystal Reports, collections are largely automated with reminders going out by email as well. In comparison with their previous paper-based system, DocuWare offers not only top data security but enormous savings in time for document searches and retrieval. Plus, documents can be accessed remotely, for example, by sales personnel working remotely. This success story has certainly piqued the interest of many other Swagelok sales and service centres across Europe and overseas.