Business Process Automation Services

Save money + increase efficiency

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Reduce operating costs through automation and process efficiency

Technical support staff

Streamline support to ensure service availability

Scale up or down based on business demand

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Managed Print Services

Need to reduce costs? Want to free up your team to work on revenue driving activities? CoreForm’s Managed Print Services is one of the fastest ways to automate your business processes and turn your business into a productivity machine. We deliver problem-free print and copy services, giving your team access to the functionality they need wherever they are.

We aren’t wedded to any particular technology partner – we take a vendor agnostic approach to create the perfect solution for your business systems and applications. We stand on the shoulders of the print technology giants to give you best-of-breed print and document management hardware and software services.

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Digital Transformation

Wasting time double handling information and documents? Unable to quickly and easily find the right document when you need it? A typical business spends $20 in labour to file a document, $120 in labour to find a misfiled document and $220 in labour to reproduce a lost document.

CoreForm’s Digital Transformation consultancy takes the time to understand your current state and how we can digitally automate your business processes to achieve the results you want. We’ll help you take control of your digital information via scanning, document life cycle mapping, managing online forms, introducing AI for business processes and implementing mobile workflows.

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Take control of your company’s data and documents

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Stop wasting time on document management and improve staff efficiency


Get solid ROI within 12 months

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High-quality batch scanning and indexing of documents


Safe and secure digital storage

Fast access to files

Fast and flexible access to files when you need it

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Document Storage & Indexing

Drowning in paper despite your best efforts to modernise and digitise? Studies in recent years show the volume of paper in companies increases more than 20% per annum as they grow. If this sounds like you, we can help you automate your business processes to save money and increase your productivity.

CoreForm’s Document Storage and Indexing Services help curb the paper explosion and associated real estate costs. Our digital records management strategy means your data is safe, secure and searchable.

Jettison your business into the digital age