Epehesoft Smart Data Capture

What is the biggest barrier to successful digital transformation?

People everywhere are using the Internet for entertainment, shopping, socializing and household management. How can businesses take advantage of the opportunity to innovate, differentiate and grow? And how can they do all this cost effectively, leveraging and optimizing the newest information technologies as part of their overall physical operations?

Future proofing your workplace with Relevant Technologies

How do you prepare the business for these changes? How do you make sure that your current technology infrastructure will be able to support the office of the future? In this post, we will look into these emerging technologies, and guide you through the steps of future proofing your tech stack for tomorrow’s workplace.

Insurance Claim Processing with RPA and Smart Capture

Through a combination of supervised machine learning and rules-based logic, Ephesoft Transact automatically categorizes, separates and extracts data from insurance documents however they’re sent to the agency’s intake site. No need for barcode application, document preparation or manual data entry. And we’ve found that implementing intelligent capture software improves processing performance specifically in the insurance industry by about 80%.