Digital Transformation

Lets talk about RPA baby!

RPA facilitates Digital Transformation. It is a tool, a platform which can be utilised in automating business repetitive business processes. Its uses are varied and can be applied to HR for New employee forms in large companies. Finance and accounting can utilise RPA for AR/AP tracking. Sales and Marketing, one of the biggest areas for Robots, can be utilised for CRM automation, Outreach campaigns etc…

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Turn your Data into a Company Asset with Smart Data Capture

To reclaim this lost time and dramatically improve efficiency, you need a vision for where you want to go and how you’re going to get there. The best way to start is by developing a strategy for tackling your document management problems. Ideally, you would begin by identifying your pain points and the areas of your business that have the greatest need, and then put together a plan of attack.  Here are 6 Steps for your plan:

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Overcoming AP challenges in Finance Teams

There’s no doubt, that an AP automation solution will improve business workflow and become an integral part of a company’s digital transformation journey, it is an area to realise quick easy wins. The return on investment is generally 6 to 9 months and with the right technology and implementation partner, the whole experience will be enhanced and scalability can be extended to many areas of a business. Moreover, digital transformation has become a requirement in order to remain competitive in the marketplace.

Future proofing your workplace with Relevant Technologies

How do you prepare the business for these changes? How do you make sure that your current technology infrastructure will be able to support the office of the future? In this post, we will look into these emerging technologies, and guide you through the steps of future proofing your tech stack for tomorrow’s workplace.

Insurance Claim Processing with RPA and Smart Capture

Through a combination of supervised machine learning and rules-based logic, Ephesoft Transact automatically categorizes, separates and extracts data from insurance documents however they’re sent to the agency’s intake site. No need for barcode application, document preparation or manual data entry. And we’ve found that implementing intelligent capture software improves processing performance specifically in the insurance industry by about 80%.

KYOCERA launches new line-up of secure and user-friendly A3 TASKalfa devices

As modern document management has become so complex that it demands ever more attention, time and energy from your office staff. That’s why we created TASKalfa series – a range of reliable and easy to use multifunctionals. TASKalfa multifunctional devices offer exceptional productivity through outstanding speed, powerful controller technology and professional utilities.

Can The Right Office Equipment Improve Our Legal Culture?

An ocean of paperwork isn’t the only challenge that law firms, district attorneys’ offices and courts are facing. There are other process inefficiencies within the legal sector that the right office technologies, like multifunction printers and copiers and document solutions software, can improve.

Multi-Function Photocopier Buyer’s Guide

MFDs are useful assets to help manage and control costs for printing and imaging, and also add new capabilities to your organisation. Consider how MFDs can address total cost of ownership for printing and imaging, improve print resource allocation across the user base, lift business process efficiencies and minimise cost and environmental impacts.